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The Dragon, The Pagans, and The Christians - A Short Story Epic

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

By: Echomike001

A ferocious dragon was to descend upon a nation in the coming days. Half the nation's people were excited for the coming dragon. They said that it would become their “God.”

The Pagans and the Christians however, understood that this dragon was an immediate threat. They maintained their instinctual natures - especially that warrior spirit, within. The women, youth, and the elderly Pagans and the Christians had a deep gratitude for the fruits of their respective warriors, as security was always provided and were equipped to kill, despite the lack of friendliness between the two faiths. Out of necessity, though, both knew that each were too outnumbered. The Christians knew that if an “olive branch” could be given to the Pagans, they should. The Pagans had no “olive branch” to offer and were not going to ask the Christians for alliedship , but the Christians offered the “olive branch” and the Pagans understood that they both had an all too powerful enemy. Out of necessity, they agreed to kill the dragon together.

The time had come when the dragon, this false god, descended upon the lands, and those who wanted it to rule, all died. The Pagans and the Christian’s however, stood their ground, showed no mercy, and unleashed their warrior spirits. Some warriors went to Heaven, and some to Valhalla, but the dragon was slaughtered, and peace was immediately restored. Tears of joy streamed down the women's faces and the children hugged their warrior fathers, and the elderly were proud.

Infrastructure had turned to rubble, but naturally, the Pagans and Christians were rewarded with rebuilding society, as a result of fulfilling the role of being men. Some Pagans became Christians, some Christians became Pagans, but in the end, all Rejoiced!

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