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#6 New Song: 'Where Are You, Daddy?' (Rough Cut) by Echomike001

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

I think, so far this is my favorite song. It's simple and yet the Chrous just feels great for me. One issue with this song is that i just feel like something with my song structure is too simple, and yet when i try to alter it, then the simplity of the song seems to be destroyed. I don't know, i think I'm still working on this. Nevertheless, it's special to me. It invokes those emotions of missing my Dad. I also relate this to God, in times of weakness when it just seems like there's no one answering our prayers. Anyways, this is definitley a rough take, but a track that will surly be improved upon.

Thanks for listening and or checking it out.

'Where Are You, Daddy?' (Rough Cut) by Echomike001

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