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#7 New Song: 'Dragon Slayer Boy' (Rough Cut) By Echomike001

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

It's the 24th of September, and I just finished recording a song that I wrote. It's a bit long, so I will need to widdle it down a bit, but since I'm making this sight about the songs, I'll post them here anyways - scars and all.

'Dragon Slayer Boy' is a bit strange. In essence, It's song about triumph and doing what's right at a time in the world where right and wrong are being made to be confusing. In short, the Dragon Slayer is an over-comer, and dragon slayers make for the best leaders. The whole time I was writing this, Elon Musk's face kept appearing in my head. Dragon Slayers also, have instilled within them, enough wisdom to deny their hasty impulses and have the ability to "keep their eyes on the prize," or remain focused on what matters. On the other hand, as I was writing it, it's also about a parents fear of losing their child or children to the grips of the profane. Both of my twin sons were little "dragon slayers" as they are still here, after struggling as premature births in the hospital. Many "roller-coaster" signals just after birth, all we could do was pray our asses off.. Very emotional time as a father; and even more so for my wife, as she also had undergone a C-section and relied on me to do things she couldn't do. In short, Dragon Slayers are virtuous and aspiring figures. I think were in an age where parents must instill Dragon Slayer mindset into their children. For the Christian families, they know, hopefully, that all this "Dragon Slayer" virtue is throughout the scriptures.

I put together a quick music video for 'Dragon Slayer Boy.'

It took hardly any effort at all, but there is some personal meaning occurring in it, with the images of my twin sons in it. I didn't want to "grift," by putting Mr. Musk in this vid, being as it is that I'm a "no body." Aside from my boys, Elon Musk is definitely part of the genesis/inspiration for the creation of this song.

Thanks for checking it. Stay tuned-in for many more songs to come.

'Dragon Slayer Boy' by Echomike001

Below, is the live video of Echomike001 playing the song, 'Dragon Slayer Boy.' Recorded with iPhone:

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