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#4 New Song: 'Daddy, Won't I See You In Heaven? (Rough Cut)

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Wrote this song today (September 18th, 2023). Last night while tucking kiddos in bed, one of my daughters initiated a discussion about God. One of the questions she asked me was, "when I die, will I see you in heaven." When she asked, she was already beginning to cry. I had to engage deeper into the conversation for more of a faithful, hearty, loving and hopeful perspective to eliminate her fears and concerns. Anyway, I felt inspired to write this. I figure that this topic is relateable to other fathers - mothers too, as I vaguely remember myself as a young boy attempting to make sense of the way in which we go, as far the Truth is concerned with life, the soul and all things Divinity.

P.S. None of my Rough Cuts are perfect in anyway. Each one is littered with flaws. I'm posting them here for my own pleasure, basically, and for anyone else who may find interest in what I'm working on.

Thanks for giving this a listen.

'Daddy, Won't I See You In Heaven?' by Echomike001

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