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#13 New Song: Go On Back Home (Rough Cut) By Echomike001

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Alright! So, I must say, I get excited when I write simple songs that are "hooky." This latest song: 'Go On Back Home' is teetering on the genre-line between country and folk. I think it leans heavier on the country side, but I could be mistaken. As I wrote it, I was thinking about the guerrilla fighters during the lead-up to Civil War 1. The song is pretty cut and dry. It's a rough cut, surprisingly it's not bad. This song may be perceived as being "divisive," and so, some will naturally support it, while others will reject it. I am aware of this and that's okay. Our towns are important to us, and in the same way one throws a rock at a bees nest, a severe reaction may occur when assholes "throw stones" in our towns.

Thanks for checkin-in on my musical creations and updates.

Song: Go On Back Home (Rough Cut) By Echomike001

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